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have you?

Posted: September 28, 2011 in memoirs

have you ever tried wishing and holding your breath while passing on a bridge? weird, isn’t it? well, i tried those things not just once but many times.(haha) how funny and childish it may seem but i enjoyed doing it. trying to hold your breath for how long depends on the vehicle your riding. and your kinda lucky if it is so fast. i said so fast coz it seems like the driver maybe a racer in his past life. he is driving insanely fast and it gives you a chance to just hold your breath for not more than 7-8 seconds i guess. but your in the wrong side of the road if the driver is driving like a turtle. super slow! and there are times that luck may not be on your side if your vehicle is following a tricycle or worst is a “trisikad”. we may hold our breath for about 30 seconds – 1 hour or an eternity maybe. i am just exaggerating! have you ever had experience where you were passing a bridge and it seem like your world has turned upside down. or it feels like all your body organs have been disarranged? what an adrenaline rush! your her=art is pumping so much blood, your heartbeat is raging fast and feels like your neurons have been disconnected from your brain.

have you experienced it? have you tried it? well, if you haven’t. i guess this is the right time to think twice, think again and change your mind and try those things. surely, you’ll have a one of a kind experience.