Posted: September 5, 2011 in introduction


As a child, many of us have wishes that we want to come true for sure. Wishes that others might find quite weird yet amazing. As a child, our minds are slowly developing and it is being shaped for the future. I, myself have many wishes in life. Wishes that I still hold on to. Wishes that I can make come true maybe someday because I know that it is too far from reality. Why? I’ll let you know about it.

Being a child, I think of wishes that too far from reality. Maybe because of being a child but as the years passes by, I still want that wish to come into reality. I wish to have special powers like Spider-Man, Super-Man and other super heroes. I want to be invisible so that others may not know that I exist around them. I wish that I could read others’ mind, thoughts and even their dreams. I wish that I could fly like a bird and soar high in the sky. I wish that I could go back to the past and be able to meet the persons who made this world a better one. Talking to animals or plants is quite a fantasy and we can see it in movies or read in books. Moving things through mind is also one of the things I wish to have. I wish that I could talk using my mind and changing the things that are worst and transform them into nice ones. You might find them quite unbelievable but it’s true, that these are my wishes since childhood and still existing at this time. But I think the wish that I always wanted to come true is to travel in space, be able to touch the solar system with my bare hands, catch the stars and be able to witness every rising and setting of the sun. It is not just an ordinary rising and setting but it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. A scene that could change a certain point of view of the person whenever he/she looks at the scenery.

I know that a wish is a wish. I am not sure if this will happen in the real sense of the world but I know that it will happen. When? Where? Every night. Maybe, in my dreams.


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