about the aspiring writer

Posted: September 5, 2011 in introduction

Let me start this autobiography by stating my name first. I am Nieva Ester C. Gayo but most of my friends call me “nice”. I don’t know why or how my nickname ended that way but I’ve been asking myself and my parents about that for years. I’ve been living here on Earth for 21 years now and am presently residing at Barangay Oluangan Leon, Iloilo but currently staying at Pavia, Iloilo. I was born on September 29, 1989. The persons who brought me into this world and raised me up were Mr. Leonilo Gayo and Mrs. Eva Gayo.  My father is working as a seafarer while my mother is a plain housewife.  I am very proud of my tatay for he sacrifices and provide everything for our family. I admire my nanay for she raised us to be what we are now and taught us the values that should be lived everyday of our live.  I have only one sister who is 6 years older than me and she is Ma. Evalyn Gayo. There are times that we fight about certain things, argue with what’s supposed to be right or wrong and exchange insights on current happenings. But there are some things that we two like to share with each other and there are some things that we two love doing. We share the same ideas on movies, books, persons, tv shows, clothes and many things. We love the same kind of food and love watching shows that feature food.(yummy!) We both love watching csi’s, chuck, house, national geographic, discovery channel, different documentaries and travel shows. We dream of travelling abroad but we want to explore first the wonders of the Philippines. (Huwag maging banyaga sa sarili mong bayan). As I was growing up, I can say that I’m quite active, very eager to learn and a bit “kulit”. Well, I guess most kids at that age possess that kind of attitude. My attention was easily caught by cartoon shows and I’m an avid fan of those television shows. My pre-school years were indeed a colorful one as what most people describe those years. I can say that I’m a bit lucky because I was able to enjoy those years while others did not have the chance to do so. (just what like one of my  favorite authors Bob Ong said) I’ve played different games, enjoyed my toys and had fun exploring other things that only happens in those pre-school years. And as I grow up, I was becoming aware of the thing that is happening around me. I started to formulate questions in my mind and dig deeper into worlds unknown. I became conscious of my actions and am taking responsibility in doing it. As I started my elementary years, I was very much willing to learn. I excelled most of the time and was able to maintain my number one spot from Grade 1 until Grade 6.  My parents became proud of me and I was also happy with what I have achieved at that moment. I became very active in most of our school activities.  I was able to showcase my talent in dancing and was able to compete with other schools because of it. I joined quiz bees and spelling contest. I can say that my elementary years were full of success and overflowing joy. As I entered High School, I became quiet and seldom talks with my classmates. I guess that would be just an initial reaction of a student who doesn’t know anyone and who is new to that school. High School years as I can say were my developing years for it molded me into a whole being, nourished my mind with different things, nurtured my abilities and tested what I’m capable of. I engaged myself into different sports and was able to find joy in playing those sports. I get excited when the September month is approaching because it only means that it is time for Sports fest, (yehey!) the time when we get competitive and able to release our sporty side. I played volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and badminton. Yeah that’s right and after playing each game in each sport consecutively, I would lay flat on my bed when I got home. Tiring isn’t it? But it is worth it and you can’t deny the fact that winning brings smiles to our faces. As time passes by, I was able to develop something that I didn’t know I have within me. At first, I was writing because I want to pour out all my emotions. I want to release the different feelings dwelling inside of me and I want to express myself. And I was able to do that through writing. I started to write poems, essays, short stories and even novels but unluckily, I hadn’t had the chance to finish it. My words became the window of my soul. Every word that comes from my mind is a mere reflection of who I am. My ideas, opinions, emotions and other things that I want to convey were reflected in my writings. I was able to gain awards because of this ability and many people have known me deeper because of what I write. But there were some who find me weird, nerd, geek or whatever they call it because of what I just love doing. Why is that? I don’t care either cause what important is I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m not anyone. It became my outlet in pouring out my emotions. I write whenever I feel happy, sad, frustrated, anguish and at times I write because I just love doing it.  I am fond of reading books, watching T.V and movies, listening to music, eating, cooking, surfing the net, playing my guitar and writing indeed. There are still many things that I like to do but it’s quite too many that I can’t remember some of those. I sometimes hate speaking in front of many people. I hate being criticized by others not by who I am but by their own perception of me. I hate it when others question my ability and what I’m capable of doing. I hate it when someone is hurting my family and friends.  And I hate it when someone is judging me by what they see or hear in other people. I guess some people also hate that. At times, I tend to be intimate in terms of my actions towards my family and friends. But there are moments that I want to isolate myself from the rest of the world. I want to be alone and if possible I don’t want somebody to disturb me. I guess for every positive characteristic, there’s always a negative one behind it.  Well, that’s me and my whole personality. Knowing me is their choice and it is up to them to dig deeper and discover who I am truly, what you see is always not what you get. I am bit complicated yet easy to understand and very simple to comprehend.

  1. overly says:

    really nice,isn’t it Nice?..what can i say? you really is a good person inside and out..good heart, nice personality..thanks to your nanay and your tatay they’ve raised you well and here you are.. starting to be a good writer and sharing your wonderful thoughts and insights ..i know you have dreamed of being known by people because of your work..this is a good start…do good.. i have my eye on you…ahahaha…
    what genre of dancing are you in, Nice? hiphop>=)

    • nicesinice says:

      overwhelmed and flattered by your comment..hoping this is the start of a new journey for me as an aspiring writer cause i’ve been dreaming of this ever since..hoping that i can inspire people who will also do the same to others..i know that i still have lots to work on but i’m willing to do that..(.”)..very much appreciated overly..thank you..!

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